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4GB Spy Pen Camera By SpyCrushers Now For Sale On Amazon

SpyCrushers, a product brand owned by Crushers, Inc. today publicized its new SpyCrushers 4GB Spy Camera Pen product is now available on Amazon.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, July 20, 2014 ) Noblesville, Indiana — According to a Spycrushers spokesperson the new SpyCrushers 4GB Spy Pen Camera is a trendy looking real writing executive ball-point pen that is made to give users a completely secret video recording and photo taking experience. “Our clients have been awaiting our SpyCrushers 4GB Spy Camera Pen to launch on Amazon and I’m positive that it will not only match buyer assumptions, but surpass them. This is the most affordable and efficient spy pen camera available” said Ryan Anderson, Co-Founder of Crushers, Inc, makers of the Spycrushers line of hidden camera products…

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The Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Private Investigator To Catch A Cheating Spouse

Do you think that your spouse is cheating on you?  If you do, you may be looking for proof.  After all, if marriage and children are involved, divorce may be what you are thinking.  If that is the case, you should first find proof.  To do so, you may want to hire a private investigator to help you prove that your husband or wife is cheating on you.

As for what a private investigator does, you will find that their actions will vary.  Different investigators handle their cases differently.  For example, you may receive direct, one-on-one service from the investigator that you hire or you may end up working with one of their close associates.  Either way, your spouse will likely be followed. Their behavior may be documented in pictures or videos.  A spy pen camera or other hidden camera devices are often used in order to record evidence. A private investigator may also examine your computer or your phone records.

Before deciding to use the services of a private investigator, it is first important to know that there are a number of pros and cons to doing so.  One of those pros or plus sides is that you have solid proof.  This is important if you are looking to get a divorce.  If you want or need to receive support or alimony payments, you need to have proof that your husband or wife was cheating on you.  There is no better proof than professional videos and pictures taken by an experienced and certified private investigator.

Another pro or plus side to hiring the services of a private investigator is that you do not have to do the work yourself.  Tracking a cheating spouse can be easy, but it can also be very difficult.  Some cheaters go through great lengths to ensure that they do not get caught. You may essentially be sent on a wild goose chase.  On the other hand, many private investigators already know where to look, what behavior changes to look for, as well as what traps to not fall for.

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of using the services of a private investigator is that you do not have to see the act being committed yourself.  Yes, you will still likely have access to video footage and pictures of your spouse cheating taken with a hidden camera device, but that is much different than seeing the act with your own eyes.  In fact, you don’t even have to look at the documentation your private investigator provides you with.  Well-known and reputable private investigators do not lie.  If preferred, they will take the proof and pass it along to your divorce attorney. 

Although there are a number of pros or plus sides to using a private investigator to help you catch your cheating spouse, there are also a number of cons or downsides to doing so as well. One of those being the cost.  When hiring a private investigator, it is important for you to use your best judgment.  Spend as little money as possible, but make sure that you hire an individual who is trustworthy and who has a good reputation.  In this situation, quality is more than worth the extra cost.

In keeping with costs, it is also important to take time into consideration. There are some men who cheat on a daily or weekly basis, while others only do so on occasion.  It will honestly all depend on your spouse.  Your private investigator may follow your husband or wife for weeks before they find any concrete proof that your spouse is cheating.  Despite getting proof in the end, this time period may be costly and agonizing for you.

Since there are a number of pros and cons to catching a cheating spouse with the assistance of a private investigator with hidden pen cameras other devices and techniques, you are urged to examine your own personal wants and needs.  Do you want proof that your spouse is cheating on you?  Do you want proper and professional documentation that can be used in divorce proceedings?  If so, a private investigator is worth the look.

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SpyCrushers Presents New 4GB Spy Pen Camera

Spycrushers revealed it’s 4GB Spy Pen Camera as the company’s newest addition to it’s hidden camera product line

SpyCrushers new 4GB spy pen camera is a James Bond-esque hidden camera device, the pen looks, feels and works similar to other pens, however with an included surprise it discreetly captures and records video and photographs in high quality.

According to a company source, the hidden pen camera product disguised as a genuine ballpoint executive style writing pen passed a series of high quality control tests on both functionality and performance. A blur test was also conduct to ensure that adequate images and video can be captured even as the product moves at certain speeds. The spy pen features a 4GB refillable memory card, permitting users to record a hour of continuous video and take an unlimited amount of

A Spycrushers spokesperson regarding functionality said, “It’s easy to transfer captured media from the device to a computer. Owners just have to plug the pen to their computer using the mini USB cable that’s included with every purchase and the media will automatically upload to be viewed, edited and shared with friends
and family.”

The device is reported to be compatible with both Mac’s and PC’s using a plug and play method through the USB cable. It was also stated that no SD card formatting is necessary nor does the device require any special operating software to perform. Owners of the device are advised by its manufacturer to fully charge the device before use to insure optimal performance.

When asked how the newest 4gb spy pen will hold up against their 8gb spy pen in terms of popularity and sales a Spycrushers rep said, “We are excited to offer a new product in our line of hidden camera devices. Our 4gb spy pen will be more affordably priced than our 8gb spy pen. We want to give everyone, no matter what the price range is, the opportunity to own one of our Spycrushers Spy Pen Cameras. With a suggested retail price of $24.99-$29.99 we anticipate a huge demand and forecast a very robust 4th quarter sales performance.”

The SpyCrushers 4GB Spy Pen Camera will be for sale on Amazon.com and SpyCrushers.com.

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SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera Improves On Quality

Spycrushers representative tells how the company has improved the quality of their best selling spy pen camera.



At a recent press conference held at Crushers Incheadquarters in Noblesville, IN, home of the SpyCrushers brand, a company rep spoke on how the quality of their best selling product the SpyCrushers SpyPen Camera has improved.

"We have went a step further to ensure the product looks, feels and functions like an executive style ballpoint pen. We taken feedback from our customers & pen camera owners to improve on the design making the product more sleek and stylish," stated the Spycrushers spokesman.

According to Crushers Inc their spy camera pen quality has improved tremendously. “Thanks to the much improvement in technology over the past year our current CR200 model spy pens passes the blur test, making it now possible to capture images more smooth and evenly even when the spy pen is moved suddenly or shaking. Before recent developments this was an issue with many models.”

The company rep confirmed that their new model spy pen hidden video camera works with 4GB, 8GB or 16GB refillable mini SD cards giving owners or potential buyers memory card options to best suit their needs. “Most of our customers love the option of different storage size mini SD cards. Depending on their individual circumstances, we believe we offer a product that will match or exceed their needs. For us as a company, we want to provide as many choices as possible for our customers to choose from,” the spokesman continued. 

In order to view any recorded videos or photos users now only have to plug the spy pen camera to their computer and all stored media will automatically transfer from the device to the users computer via a Mini USB cable. 

The conference was concluded with the company spokesman speaking in detail about how the video formatting and delivery on each device is now standard and compatible for all major computer operating systems. 

The SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera is currently available on Amazon and SpyCrushers websites. 

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Spy Pen Camera-What You Should Know

Before making your next spy pen camera purchase here are a few suggestions and advice from industry experts


What You Need To Know: There are lots of providers providing spy pen video cameras and the majority of these type of devices may all look the same, but they are very much different when it comes to what’s inside, the functionality and the overall product performance. According to industry experts at Crushers Inc, makers of the SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera, the low cost spy pen cameras ranging from $9 to $20 are of very low quality because most of the manufacturers in China who make the internal video camera utilize the very same product materials to cut the expenditure down. In turn sellers of these devices receive a lower quality product and a high amount of returns and refunds.

Our research has found that there are three attributes one should consider when investigating the quality of a spy pen.

Camera Resolution: there are 4 cameras that are made use of: 300KP, 1.0 MP, 1.3 MP & 2.0 MP. Even when the camera video records at 640 X 480 the video will be unclear with a 300KP camera sensor. These types of cameras are frequently offered under $20

Recording Resolution: Not as essential as the camera resolution however when more than 1.0 MP camera sensor is utilized the video recording at 640 X 480 will be a lot better than 320 X 240. 

Reliability: Depending on where the hidden pen cameraretailer’s supplier is from, the defective supply rate can be from 1 % to 30 % of the total shipment. For consumers, to make sure you are buying a quality product see if the seller is offering a warranty on parts and labor and possibly a money back guarantee. If they are then your chances of receiving a high quality product is higher and if not your financial investment is protect by a warranty and money back guarantee.

Finally, spy video cameras are really helpful electronic devices that are frequently misused. It is very important that all customers put in the time to understand legal concerns relating to the use of spy cameras prior to utilizing any such products. Please take some time to educate yourself on the federal, state and regional laws in your area regarding the personal or professional uses of hidden video and audio recordings and surveillance equipment.

The SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera is currently available on Amazon and SpyCrushers websites. 

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SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera Get Great Reviews From Satisfied Customers

Crushers Inc, makers of the SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera showcases their 5 star product review ratings by recent Amazon customers.




SpyCrushers Spy Camera Pen

A spy camera pen is perfect if you have to make short recordings of what/who is in front of you. Given that the battery life is somewhat limited, this sort of spy electronic camera is not for nanny surveillance or home security. The battery life on many hidden camera pens last up to an hour so it will works ideally if the users is taping some type of one on one interaction, brief event, secret shopping or a meeting at the workplace. Incredibly easy to utilize and completely hidden, there are a lot of spy pen cameras online and within the marketplace. Most individuals have no issues when purchasing a pen camera. The problem lies more so on which seller or vendor you choose to purchase the most reliable one. Customer reviews provided by Crushers Inc, who offer the SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera proclaim their spy pen camera is the best available.

One reviewer wrote, ” I am into technology and gadgets and this spy pen cam is really cool. I would be hanging out with my buddies and it would secretly capture the images of them being goofy and doing crazy things. This would make for such a good laugh a few days later. Its very small and compact and is almost impossible for anyone to tell that it records HD quality video. I am more than satisfied with the product and got all my friends interested in purchasing one! Extra fast delivery too! Thanks!”

Another 5 star camera pen review rating read, ” The Spy Pen really does work without any problems to report so far. I love walking around the town and pretending to write an article only—click!— I actually took a picture of a tree. I feel like a sleuth and it is a glorious feeling, thanks to the Spycrushers Spy Pen!”.

Yet another review stated, “Product works exactly as described. It’s a pen that takes pictures—tell me what more you want out of life and I’ll tell you to get another Spy Pen. It is that good. I am over the moon with my Spy Pen.”

The SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera is currently available on Amazon and SpyCrushers websites. 

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Ways To Use A Spycrushers Spy Pen Camera

Here are 2 basic instructions on the best ways to use a spy pen camera: aside from those major ones or tough ones that need a handbook, a demonstrator, or some sort of a technological assistance online or via the phone.

In knowing the standard rules and functions of a spy pen, you might actually be able to translate it to various other hidden camera devices you have.

Taking Photos
Taking photos is one of the most fundamentally understood uses of a spy camera pen. It can be positioned anywhere, often in a secure covert spot, and still can take photos of whatever is in front of it (and sometimes also around it because of the zoom in and out and turning features of the newest concealed video cameras) with a simple quick click of the button on top of the device.

Video Making
To make a video clip is also one of the most easiest and well-known functions of a spy pen camera. With spy cameras, it’s almost the very same as with DSLR and digital cams. All you need to do is point the lens in the direction you want t o capture video of, press and hold the button at the top for 2-4 seconds and it automatically starts recording.

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Spy Pen Camera- Everyone Should Own One

If you search and browse these days, you will certainly see all sort of cell phones, laptops and tablet computers everywhere. Every person it appears has one nowadays. If you do not have one your pals and colleagues will certainly take a look at you oddly like you are stuck in the past. However, if you pull out a spy pen, your good friends will still probably have a look at you oddly as to say, “What is that?”, but what you probably don’t realize is that these spy pen cameras are everywhere also.

Spy pens are virtually everywhere these days just like laptop computers and mobile phones are. Yet the difference is that a spy pen camera is not widely known by the general public and therefore is looked upon as some type of novelty item. Although this may be the case I assure you pen cameras are far from a novelty item and are in use by tens of thousands of people everyday. It’s true a camera pen is not an item you would find offered for sale at your local Wal-Mart, that’s for sure. In order to find one of these type of devices you need to either get one out of at Spy Store, online on sites like Amazon, Ebay or Spycrushers or you need to chat with individuals who possess or have actually owned a pen camera to find out about them.


Like I said, looking online on websites such as Amazon, EBay or SpyCrushers and you will find hidden video camera pens and other hidden camera devices conveniently offered. Even though they are readily offered on these websites there are not a lot of individuals who understand that. The general public’s perception of a pen camera is it is more like something from a Star Trek episode or a James Bond movie. These video recording and photo taking gadgets are not as sci-fi or strange as one would assume and are offered for one and all to have.

I’ve seen spy pens available at electronic specialty shops like Radio Shack and Brookstone too. You can sometimes find them in the electronic devices section or department close to the DVD area. You probably have seen one and ignored it thinking it’s only a specialty pen used to write with, but what you failed to realize is that those specialty writing pens are the spy pen video cameras.

Spy pen camera are made to look and function like a typical writing pen yet they can take crystal clear images and videos similar to, and in many cases, even better than your smart phone can. You see, spy pens are everywhere, you just never ever realized it.

Now that you do, find one online line and use it yourself. Like other pen camera owners you’ll be amazed at what it can do, the fun and possibilities are endless. What would you do with a spy pen camera in your hands?

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Spy Pen Camera By SpyCrushers Is Selling On Amazon

Spycrushers Spy Pen Camera makes its nationwide retail debut on Amazon.com.

The SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera tool features both a hidden electronic camera and a mini DVR (electronic video recorder). Although the device additionally has a feature as a PC Webcam it’s mostly made use of for security and video clip monitoring. It covertly develops video clip recordings and takes photos. Nevertheless, it unassumingly resembles a common executive style writing pen that actually writes.

"Our past consumers have in fact been waiting for our SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera to be provided on Amazon.com for rather some time. I’m positive that our pen camera  will of course, not merely match buyer assumptions, the device will more then likely exceed them," shared Ryan Anderson President of Crushers, Inc producers of the SpyCrushers line.

Amazon.com, Inc. is an American worldwide multi-billion online ecommerce business with head office in Seattle, Washington. It is just one of the world’s biggest online merchants. Amazon.com began as an on-line book shop, however quickly diversified, marketing DVDs, VHSs, CDs, video and MP3 downloads/streaming, software, video games, consumer electronic devices, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. According to its Annual Report of 2013 Amazon’s complete net sales were over $61 Billion dollars.

"Amazon.com is the largest web based buyers marketplace. Most of people who visit the website are there to purchase something now. We’re happy and delighted to be one its featured vendors" Anderson continued.

Spycrushers hopes this product will exceed the popularity of its initial product featured on Amazon.com the Car Keychain Spy Camera, which the firm declares is its most selling surveillance item to this day.

"The SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera is easy to hold, simple to run and can be utilized in company, education and learning, security, media, law enforcement, vacationer and many various other fields," Anderson concluded.

The Spycrushers Spy Pen Camera and spy camera products are currently available on Amazon.com and Spycrushers.com.

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